Bringing cloud-based accounting to high-growth businesses in and around Oxford. Say goodbye to time-based billing and out-of-date bookkeeping. Say hello to accounting for the digital age.

Business is changing.
Accounting needs to change alongside it.

As a business owner, your accountant should be your most trusted advisor — but the outdated systems and time-based billing models of traditional firms means they simply don’t have the capacity to offer advisory services in a cost-effective way. We’ve made Cypher different.

Built from the ground up to integrate with leading accounting software and operating 100% on the cloud, we offer automated, real-time bookkeeping which leaves us with more time to spend understanding your business and helping you grow – all for a single, monthly fee.

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Take the stress out of financial compliance

We take care of everything you’d expect your accountant to do – and we do it smarter. From year-end accounts, to Corporation Tax and P11d’s, you can relax knowing we have it all in hand and you’ll have full visibility on everything we do.

Reclaim your time for the things that matter

Your time is precious. Let us help you reclaim yours by bringing automation to your business’ finances. We’ll use the same tech stack we use in-house, which took us from working weekends just to keep on top of work, to closing the office on a Friday lunchtime.

Increase profit & grow your business

Working smarter means we have more time to help your business grow. All our packages include advisory time: We use real-time data to provide insights that help you build a business plan & implement strategies to increase profit & achieve your goals.

We know Xero Inside-Out

We built Cypher from the ground up to take advantage of the automation and insights that come with using Xero, so we only work with businesses that use Xero for their finances.

If you haven’t made the jump to the cloud just yet, we can help you plan and implement your Xero project. We’ll also train you and your team on how to use it properly – including all the automation tricks and tools we use in-house that will really get your finance function singing.

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How we help our clients reduce stress, gain time and increase profit