Business Advisory Services

We get our kicks out of seeing our clients’ businesses boom

We see our role as far more than just crunching your numbers and filing your annual accounts. We want to help you understand those numbers, and what they mean for your business.

We use your real-time data to give you insights on your business’ current performance to help you make strategic decisions, increase profit, and grow your business. Whether you just want help on how to improve your tax efficiency ahead of your annual tax return, or if you’re looking for a virtual Financial Director who can help you increase margins, and steer your business forwards – we’ll put a package together that suits you and your budget.

“We’ve got a proven track record of helping business owners increase their margins and achieve rapid business growth – and it’s being a part of this success that gets us out of bed every morning.”

Support and advice designed for your business and budget:

Virtual Financial Director

If you want us to take care of all of your finances, from day-to-day bookkeeping to annual compliance, we’re able to offer you virtual Financial Director support.

Rather than a set of accounts just once a year, you’ll get a fully reconciled set of management accounts each month or quarter, with a report pack containing all your important financial data as well as an Executive Summary giving you a top-level run down. The icing on the cake? We’ll always provide a full analysis and commentary of your reports, keeping an eye on how the reports match with your business forecasts and budget, and we’ll constantly look for opportunities to increase your margins and improve cashflow.

Business Planning Sessions

If you don’t know where you’re headed – any road will do.

If you’re looking for support developing and implementing a business plan, we can work with you to define what the success of your business looks like to you, and what financial (and non-financial) KPIs we need to achieve to get there.

We’ll measure and analyse the results each quarter, working closely with you to report on progress, and advise changes you can make to get you and your business to your end goal quicker.

Cashflow Forecasting

Cash is the life-blood of your business; so positive cash flow is needed if you’re going to keep your business alive.

Sounds obvious, yet we’re constantly amazed by how many businesses don’t have a solid plan for managing and predicting cashflow. Or, they’re creating budgets and forecasts on innacuarate data that’s well past its use-by date – which can be even more dangerous.

After setting you up with a tech-stack that automates bookkeeping and data entry, we’ll use real-time data to create rolling cashflow forecasts that give you an accurate picture of your current and future finances. And we won’t stop there – we’ll use these insights to provide advice and strategies you can use to get invoices paid quicker, and manage cashflow better.

Business Mentoring

Ever written a solid 90 day plan, but then found yourself caught up in the day-to-day, achieve very little in the first 60 days and then spend the next month in a mad rush trying to get back on course before the next session?

Our Business Mentoring programme is aimed to help you deliver that plan each quarter – minus the frantic scramble. We’ll have a monthly meeting with you to work out what you need to achieve in the coming weeks, and then follow up with a Skype call in between each meeting to keep you on track. This way, you’ll keep the momentum going and find it far easier to get to where you want to be.

R&D Claims: Strategic Advice

Loads of small and medium-sized businesses qualify for R&D tax relief without realising it – we want to make sure that, if you qualify for it, you know about it and act.

Backed by the Treasury and HMRC, the UK Government’s scheme entitles businesses whose work involves innovation in the tech space to obtain enhanced tax relief on the costs involved in research or development, but you’re only going to get it if you actively claim it back.

If, when we start to better understand your business, we think there’s potential for a successful R&D claim, we’ll support you through the process so you can reduce your total tax bill.

No Hidden Costs

We want to be the first people you call when you want to chat through an idea or discuss how best to finance a major purchase – and we know the only way that will happen is if you know all advice is included in the price.

That’s why we include advisory time in every single package we create, tailored to your business and the support you’re looking for. You’ll pay a single monthly amount that covers everything we do for you and you won’t need to worry about being ambushed with a surprise bill or additional fee for a phone call or meeting.

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