We’re always on the look out for ambitious and talented accountants who share our passion for working smarter, and using financial insights to help our clients’ businesses grow.

What Cypher is all about

Cypher was founded by one of Oxfordshire’s best known and respected accountants: Matt Williams.

Feeling held back by out-of-date systems and time-based billing models, Matt built Cypher to use the latest in automation and accounting tech to streamline processes, increase data accuracy, and leave more time for him and the team to spend where they could offer the most value — providing strategic support to clients at cost effective prices.

Our clients are typically owner-operated businesses, ranging from rapidly growing start-ups just opening up their doors to long-established brands. We’re picky about the clients we take on and we’re passionate about combining our knowledge & insights with technology to offer the best support and services to our clients.

We’ve also embraced flexible and respect-driven working policies; developing and looking after our team, letting people work flexibly and getting the right systems in place to facilitate that is key to the work environment we’ve built.

We’re not a typical accounting firm and we know we’re not the right workplace for everyone. But, if working at the front line of digital accounting alongside some of Oxford’s most respected accountants excites you, then we’d love you to reach out for a chat about how you could fit into the Cypher team.

Find out more about our approach

Digital Accounting Jobs in Oxford

We love hearing from exceptional candidates and want to know about your experience and professional goals even if we’re not currently hiring. If you think you have something special to offer Cypher, email [email protected]