To us, accounting is so much more than crunching numbers: It's helping our clients' businesses grow.

We’ll help you reduce stress, reclaim your time and increase your profit.

Yes, we’re number geeks – but we’re tech geeks too. We built Cypher to offer everything you’d expect from an accountant, but we use cutting-edge technology to work smarter, and do our job better.

Our model brings automation to your business’ finances so we can check in and reconcile your ledgers daily – which other accountants just can’t offer. You’ll always have access to real-time data and we’ll know your business’ finances inside-out.

The best bit? Automating data entry means we can spend more time providing you with strategic advice and support; helping you get your business to where you want it.

No Hidden Costs

We want to be the first people you call when you want to chat through an idea or discuss how best to finance a major purchase — and we know the only way that will happen is if you know all advice is included in the price.

We include advisory time in every single package we create, tailored to your business and the support you’re looking for. You pay a single monthly amount that covers everything we do and you won’t need to worry about being ambushed with a surprise bill for a phone call or meeting. If there is something additional you want help with, we’ll let you know the cost in advance and you’ll always have final sign-off.

Our Core Services

Annual Compliance

Take the stress out of your business’ year-end

From annual accounts to corporate & personal tax returns, you can relax knowing you don’t have to worry about filing deadlines, penalties or interest. We’ll sort everything out on time, hassle free & you’ll always have full visibility.

Regular Compliance

Reclaim your time for the things that matter

Your time is precious. Let us help you reclaim yours by bringing automation to your business’ finances. This way, you can get back to working on your business when you’re at work, and switching off when you’re not.

Business Advisory Services

Increase profit & grow your business

We want to be the first people you call when you want to chat through a new idea or need help solving a problem. We’ve built advisory time into all of our packages so no matter where you’re headed, we can help you get there.