The UK’s leading accounting software

Xero is the UK leader in online accounting software that provides businesses with real-time visibility of their company finances and performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.

It may be mainstram now, but we were fans of Xero even before it was “cool”. Our team were some of the first adopters of Xero in the UK and know the software inside-out. We’re big fans of what Xero makes possible for growing businesses; so much so, that we built Cypher from the ground up to take advantage of the automation and insights that come with using Xero and its app ecosystem.

The Xero way or the highway

We only work with businesses that use Xero for their finances.
This allows us to streamline processes and offer our Better Bookkeeping service for standard bookkeeping prices.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t made the jump to the cloud yet then we can help you plan and implement your Xero project and train you and your team on proper use of the software. We will show you all the automation tricks and tools we use in-house to really get your finance function singing.

All the bells and whistles

Our team can also advise and implement any of the third party add-ons in the Xero ecosystem. Our aim is to build a stack of software tools that’s completely bespoke to you and your business, that makes managing your finances a breeze.