About the Kickstart scheme in Oxfordshire

In September, the Government announced a new Kickstart Scheme, which is a £2 billion fund created to provide high quality six-month work placements for those aged 16 to 24 who are on Universal Credit and are deemed to be at risk of long term unemployment.

Under this scheme, the Government pays 100% of the Kickstarter’s wages, at the age-relevant national minimum wage level as well as all national insurance and pension contributions, provided the young person is given quality positions and works for a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Employers are also given a £1,500 grant per Kickstarter to cover starting costs.

In return, employers must provide training to help their Kickstarters find long term permanent work, including career advice and goal setting and support with CVs and interview preparations.

How Kickstart scheme works for employers

Large companies with 30 or more suitable vacancies can apply directly to HMRC, while SMEs with fewer than 30 vacancies must pool together and use a representative- like Cypher.

Through this scheme, we hope that young people in Oxfordshire will be able to launch their careers with the help of local businesses who will join forces with Cypher to utilise the Government’s Kickstart budget.

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