Double your income with the new OX100 Business Accelerator Programme

Double your income with the new OX100 Business Accelerator Programme 150 150 Cypher

Double your income with the new OX100 Business Accelerator Programme

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year like no other. Instead of the perfect 2020 vision, we experienced a year that has changed the way we work, live, interact and shop like no other time in history.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A viable Covid vaccine has been developed and is available this month and this news alone will give people hope and confidence to return to whatever their new version of normal is. Personally, and professionally people will be ready to bounce back and we want to offer them a platform to accelerate this process.

At Cypher, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new OX100 Business Accelerator Programme.

One thing this year has surely shown us is that it’s almost impossible for business owners to create monumental success by themselves. Too often we make the mistake of thinking we can do everything on our own, without consulting those who have maybe been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It can truly be a recipe for disaster.

Still, many business owners believe that they can’t afford to invest in coaching, mentorship or sound financial advice. That it would be a waste of time or that no one is going to understand their vision as well as they do. But surely, the success of any empire is contingent upon the willingness to learn from the mistakes and achievements of those that went before. It’s simply a fact that if you want to build your own castle, first you see how others have made theirs stand the test of time.

Starting in January 2021, for £100 a month, the new OX100 Accelerator Programme will offer 100 local businesses just this kind of support. With regular business coaching, financial advice, and access to sales, marketing and legal experts, supported by quarterly masterclasses in key business growth areas it is designed help local business owners implement the right tools, techniques and mindset to drive high revenue growth through their existing business.

The programme lasts for 12 months meaning business owners can really focus on getting results using a set of highly effective tools to identify gaps in their business, evaluate risks and create a business model that stands-up to the scrutiny of potential investors, partners and customers.

Working directly with high-growth potential businesses and helping them to thrive will in turn support the local region to thrive as it drives new business, creates new jobs and in turn provides a real boost to the local economy.

At this stage, we have to be clear that while no financial investment will be offered to any businesses taking part in this programme, this, we hope is far outweighed by the measureable, tangible benefits of being part of a business acceleration programme that is designed to help business owners grow their business and in turn grow their wealth.

The Programme – in a nutshell

The curated curriculum guides business owners through some of the key elements of a business growth strategy, helping them develop sustainable practices, robust plans while also helping them to navigate through common challenges to avoid pitfalls. The programme consists of a number of interdependent elements, pieced together to accelerate business growth and development and includes:

  • Interactive virtual sessions on topics essential for business improvements and growth lead by industry experts
  • A structured environment and curriculum designed to help a business owner keep focus and grow in the right direction.
  • Intensive masterclasses with subject matter and industry experts
  • Collaborative and supportive community of like-minded business owners
  • Access to coaching, financial expertise and peer to peer networking that can help accelerate your business
  • inspiring talks, targeted training and workshops to ultimately help you evolve, change and grow

Who’s it for

This programme is designed to help business owners in any sector with a proven sales record, who want to expand beyond their current revenue streams. The OX100 programme is a largely ‘virtual’ business accelerator, which, other than for tailored, quarterly masterclasses does not require a physical space. Instead we will focuses solely on providing services, such as coaching, financial advice and access to sales, marketing and legal expertise remotely.

We are creating the type of community that most business owners crave. It can be a lonely endeavour to build and grow a business, so we hope that the ability to connect with others who are in the same place and learn from experts will not only improve emotional and business health but can build a collective strength that increases the chances of regional success.

How to Apply

To register your interest visit the web site and hit the apply now button and one of the programme leader will be in touch