Cypher Helps Rowood Open Doors to a Fireproof Plan!

Cypher Helps Rowood Open Doors to a Fireproof Plan! 150 150 Cypher

Cypher Helps Rowood Open Doors to a Fireproof Plan!

With more than twenty-five years’ experience, Rowood Handmade Kitchens and Joinery Ltd has become one of Oxfordshire’s premier specialist carpentry and joinery companies, delivering handmade, quality joinery that is guaranteed for life for both residential and commercial properties.

From their purpose built HQ in Brize Norton, MD Nick Rowland, and his team design, create, deliver and install anything from individually designed doors and windows to kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms or bedroom furniture to drive gates from scratch, all from sustainable timber.

With such an eye for style, precision and reassurance, it was no surprise that Nick chose Cypher to be the accountancy firm for his business.

“It was all about Matt Williams”, Nick explains. “It didn’t matter about the name above the door, I wanted to work with Matt. He is a problem solver, he has a can do attitude. He has earned the respect of a lot of people for the way he approaches things and so it was an easy choice.”

Rowood, has built a solid reputation for delivering on time and to a quality few can match and boasts an impressive client list that includes Blenheim Palace.

Business was good, but Nick had spotted a gap in the market and wanted to fill it – literally, with bespoke, handmade fire doors.

He explains, “You can buy commercial fire doors anywhere, but for many of the businesses and period properties we work with there is no uniform size, no straight lines, so getting a door off the shelf to fit is impossible. We take that pain away by offering a bespoke service, and make the doors to fit.”

At the start of 2020, Nick had plans in place, test products made, testing complete. He was ready to open the Oxford Fire Door Company. Then lockdown hit and the doors were well and truly slammed shut. But with the support of Cypher Nick was able to open the new company and create another chapter for his quality handcrafted furniture.

Says Nick, “We had everything ready, but we had sat on the idea. We spoke to Matt and he helped convince us that we could go to market. We spent the first part of lockdown getting ready, testing more products, getting some photography done, so when the world was ready, so were we.

“Despite having 25 years in business, a year ago we panicked; we didn’t know what was going to happen a lot of us didn’t. It was Matt that guided us through, he opened the doors, helped us create this new start up. He helped us consolidate with the other businesses and helped protect our existing assets and it is already doing really well.”

One year on, Nick is considering expanding and utilising more space in the Rowood’s HQ building with the support from Cypher as solid and tailored as one of Nick’s own designs.

If you would like us to help your business as we did Rowood’s HQ, get in touch.